Disciple of Abhorrence

The brain reels with pain
Immobilized, lying in wait
Entrance by what you feel
Sent forward to uphold hate
Feel the urge
Do you suffer?
Are you crazy now?
Heavy breathing
Craving hunger
Dispense pain
Disciple of abhorrence
To feel nothing
Abstain from any love
To kill a life
You live to abhor
To kill
End life for spite
Hate fuels
Your vexation
Growing inside you
Swelling beyond control
Emante your sickness
The dark takes it toll
Living for nothing more than hate
Your life committed ensures it's fate
Miscreant living out your dream
Ending life with all it's misery
A force you have created from the ashes of your mind
Feel it taking over as it grinds your soul
Never escape it's anguished blow
Lifelong curse silenced with death
How you long to crush out life
Satisfaction with your every act

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