Remnants of Withered Decay

Remnants strewn upon the ground,
drag the carcass withered and brown,
sockets crushed powder remaining
on the black puss, undead are preying
Pulling at the fragments of existence,
suicide for those who cannot relatiate,
coagulated limbs tiredly twist and
tear at the purpose to mutilate

Straggling across the charred earthen floor
All are dead few remain, where is the Lord?
Sky is swollen, crimson display
Tattered fringe of sanity quickly decays

Your brain now filled with chemical pollution
Black lungs cilia limp chlorific solution
All life is scarred, lethal compulsion
Victim of addictive source sedative induction

Scattered remains, existence shattered, chaos ordainedDemocracy battered
Scattered remains, existence shattered, chaos ordainedDemocracy battered

Remnants of withered decay

Helpless victims extended in the killing crime
Flesh penetrated, abnormal cells intertwined
Your life spent, death extended easily
Homicide accepted pleasingly

Body deteriorates, rapid decline
Health is malignant, weakening of the spine
Skeletal frame erodes in design
Embroiled in habitat, trapped and confined

Catastrophic remnants torn down through the ages
Blood flows free over the faces
Existence lies tortured morbidly staring
At what once was theirs that now lies wasted

Scattered remains, conformity uncontrolled
Discipline dismantled, serenity shows mold
Stream of unconsciousness slowly grips your brain
Mental contortion abscess of pain

Last light of day smothered now snuffed
Release of hate conquers what is left of,
Humanity falters, elimination Widespread fear, demolition
Cease of breeding, nullification Dark disciples termination
Scattered remains, barren defecation
Ground lies bloodstained, killing ratification


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