In The Summer Time

when the weather is high

you can stretch right up
an' touch the sky

when the weather's fine

you got women
you got women on your mind
Have a drink
have a drive

go out an' see what you can find

If her daddie's rich

take her out for a meal

if her daddie's poor

just do as you feel

speed along the lane

do a ton
or a ton an'twenty five

when the sun goes down

you can make it
make it good in a lay-by

We're not grey people

we're not dirty
we're not mean

we love everybody but we
do as we please

when the weather's fine

we go fishing
or go swimming in the sea
we're always happy

life's for living
yeah ! That's our philosophy

Whenthe winter's here

it's party time

bring a bottle
wear your bright clothes

it'll soon be summertime

and we'll sing again

we'll go driving
or maybe we'll settle down

if she's rich
if she's nice

bring your friends
an' we'll all go into town
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