Testo canzone di Nevermore: Chances Three [Bonus Track]

Chances Three [Bonus Track]

Theres just three chances
in your life
to shine in the sun
take them
live through them
they show you how to love
youth is fleeting
and sweet full of wonder
then falling away
turn and your grown, earning wisdom
then you'll grey like a leaf in the autumn
life just somehow passed by
chances three
lifes sweet memories
all in the blink of an eye
who's to say where we're going
i wont struggle to try
chances three
lifes sweet memories
to take to the other side
just three chances
youth is fleeting and sweet
full of wonder
then falling away
turn and you're grown earning wisdom
then you grey till the wind calls your name
chances three
lifes melody
cryptic symphony
and we dance on the strings
chances three

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