All I can say about these lyrics is that your guess is as good as mine I just
Decided to give you mine :)
This song appears to be about a heart attack, but that's just my opinion I
Still have yet to figure out how the name tourette's fits or who is
Referenced by the "your" in the first line
"Anyway, the lyrics (according to the author) were screamed on the spot, no
Lyric sheet here Make what you can of them The only thing I could discern
Was `Cold heart` in the chorus Good luck"
Just so you know, I couldn't really make out the words in []'s so I just
Guessed Not to say the rest of it is right, either :) If you have any
Alternate words that would fit better, or could help me out on what this song
Tourette's - Nirvana

Moderate rock
Here's your enemy in my life
Get out, out of sight, of my heart
Will no [additive] of my heart
Pull hard, sever free, of my heart?
I don't care, I'm [afraid], it's [my heart]
[Clear all] effigy of my heart
Oh no! it's the fall of my heart
Oh no! it's the call of my heart
[Wring a knot],
Cold heart (7x)

Nirvana - Tourettes