Testo canzone di Oceans Of Sadness: One Entire Shield Of Pain

One Entire Shield Of Pain

See the circles twilight, feel the sadness drowning me
I feel and see
Touch my heart and hold tight,
never let me fall into empty
I feel and see
Never whisper goodbye,
please come forward and embrace my soul
Don't fly away

When daylight unites with darkness so real
The pain, the anguish, the struggle that I feared
For so long Please let's keep it real!

We love - We hate - We trust our fate!
We are the Wolves who say to fuck it all
So when we die, don't dare you cry
Remember that you won't find reasons TO STAY

See the circles twilight - we are alone - we know
Never whisper goodbye - we are alone - we know

When daylight unites with darkness, we feel it coming
We all see eyes that are crying, yet hoping that we'll go slow

Inside, cold and on ice, sliding down
You, please try to melt me down

Exploding angels, angels
Reloading anger, anger

We know our own salvation
Of souls, you know that we will try

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