it's difficult to say goodbye after only one life
the rain will fall down replenishing all of our broken dreams
and this burning tree that's withering will bloom again
would you believe
goodbye, goodbye
walk away it's time to say goodbye
goodbye, goodbye
walk away it's hard to say goodbye
now all that's left , pictures on the walls
memories and stories that are told
the more often told the bigger they get
create a legacy lest we forget
goodbye, goodbye
walk away it's time to say goodbye
no longer can i hold onto this defeated change in heart, i swear
it's time to sing "fare thee well" to life as we know it
my voice it will be, you know i will be, yes it will be still
something woke me up in the midst of dream and fantasy
halfway there but He always fills my cup
and He lifts me up oh how He lifts me up
goodbye, goodbye
walk away it's time to say goodbye
i never took the time to stop and realize that death takes many forms
even while alive

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