Testo canzone di Radio Birdman: Do That (Feat P Diddy)

Do That (Feat P Diddy)

pertty lady go on do that dance,
pertty lady go on do that dance,
sexy mama go on do that dance,
sexy mama go on do that dance
make it move for me baby (yeah you like that daddy?),
make it jiggle for me baby (yeah you like that daddy?)
touch it down to the floor (you like that daddy?),
pick it up and lets go (break that daddy!)

see i walk through the club with my prada on,
valet took the keys cuz the car so strong
twenty fours woow, mommy know too,
ballers come through the side door with they crew
i went left and puff went right,
plus we had on all that ice
i had a ball chikey had one too,
i had a mink on she had one too

see i bought the bar out so we bought the bar too,
it aint nothing to a balla mama we do what we do
pimp game, wear big rings, birdman, drive a red range

Chorus x2

now shake it fast, watch yourself,
ma show me what your working with, twurk that thang
bounce like that girl work
that thang make a pimp wanna hurt that thang
stop frontin' ma and do that dance,
make your knees touch your elbows and do that there
what you got there, bend over show that tattoo right there
just shake shake shake it break it break it

now look at ya mamma (woow),
(high cut) i see from behind ya (woow), shes all that
baby your a designer (woow),
with a coach bag,
with a scarf around ya, with a coach hat
stack it up, slap it up,
let me turn it up,
till you steam and ya scream, im burnin up
on the scene i seen her doin the bump,
keep doin what u doin to her, lets go

Chorus x2

i see ya lookin at me mama like you can drop somthin,
but lookin at mama cuz you a hot somthin
girl shake it around like you got somethin,
no playing around mama, stop frontin'

i see what you doin mama (mmmhmmm),
i like the way you move mommy
me and diddy can buy you a car,
me and diddy can make you a star
seed tow, lets go,
till i high ill get the broads, ill bring em to the car show
wiper pimped out, touch the floor,
bend over pop it up show me what you know

Chorus x2

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