Jolie Jolie

Jolie, jolie, pretty little thing

All I want you to do is just be happy
And we went on a walk and we went on a hill
And come back up again, you know I will
Just to bring you the mail, to me it's just another hill
Jolie, jolie, dancing love
All I want you to do is just be happy, be happy
Do you want me to fly to heaven's gate?
?I won't wait
I'll go right away cuz to me it's just another day
Jolie, jolie, dancing
All I want you to do is just be happy, even happier than that
Do you want me to stop every time I start?
When I kiss your lips and you break my heart
But I do this to me it's just a little kiss
It's just a little kiss
Uh, huh, stay right there on the "A"
Yeah baby stay there
Oh daddy, you can only do the best you can
I just want you to be happy, eh

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