(J Rotten, P Cook, Jones, G Matlock)
I'm on a submarine mission for you baby
I feel the way you were going
I picked you up on my TV screen
I feel your undercurrent flowing
Submission going down down
dragging me down
Submission I can't tell ya what I've found
You've pot me pretty deep baby
I can't figure out your watery love
I gotta solve your mystery
You're sitfing if out in heaven above
Submission going (etc)
For there's a mystery
Under the sea Under a water come
(share it)
Submissin going (etc)
Cos it's a secret
Under the water Under the sea
(octopus rock)
You've got me pretty (etc)
Submission going (etc)

A submission A submission
falling down down under the sea
I wanna drown drown under the water
Going down down under the sea