Testo canzone di Siouxsie And The Banshees: Jigsaw Feeling

Jigsaw Feeling

Send me forwards-say my feelings
But all the signals-send me reeling
Jigsaw Feeling
One day I'm feeling total
the next I'm split in two
My eyes are doing somersaults
staring at my shoe

My brain is out of my hand
there's nothing to prevent
The impulse is quite meaningless
in a cerebral non-event


Five fingers do my walking
ten toes unravel 'Knots'
Amorphous jigsaw pieces
falling into slots


So I just sit in reverie
getting on my nerves
The intangible bonds that keep me
sitting on the verge
of a breakdown
of a reaction
of a result
(defeat me)Complete memaybedefeat me
(Jigsaw feeling)

Lyric: Severin Music: Severin/McKay

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