Testo canzone di The Twilight Singers: Into The Street

Into The Street

one early morn, i couldn't sleep
i poured myself into the street
i watched the world from off a cloud
i saw the people quarreling out loud

so sand, the wind
a brighter day
will come again

shut out the lights
turn down the bed
whatever get you through your hed
unlock the door
throw away the key
we don't want the spirits watching
az they hover over you and me

and az they dance
they call their way around
they come, they often go
they know
they often go low

my little girl
where did you go?
i cannot find you anymore
angel sweet
angel bright
come on back to me
i promise you the wall will fall with me

the way i'm goin' down
this time i'm goin' down
i can't fight
i'm goin' down

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