Let Her Go

Let Her Go -by Zeeza

this crazy love thing
you got to let her go
you can't live out time but you never know
this crazy love dream poison's your mind so
you should have put an end to this a long time ago
you should have put an end to this thing a long time ago

everything reminds you of everything she did
my god you still keep all the things she left when she took the kids
she won't be back soon so enjoy this love moon
I'm giving myself to you
you better make your move

Ill never smell like her, I'll never look like her
Il never take her place in your heart (why would I want to?)
I can love you my own sweet way

I can't make you love me no matte what I do or say
when your talking to me your miles away
when i want to be touched by you, you just run away

It feels like cheating but you got to let her go
you should have put an end to this thing a long time ago

you got to let her go

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