Songtekst van Alistair Griffin: You And Me (Tonight)

You And Me (Tonight)

Have you ever loved someone,
But you waited just too long,
To tell them what you're feeling
Maybe I was just too proud,
To say I love you right out loud,
Found the words I must believe in
On this night, it holds us both within,
Set me free, oh let me live again

It's you and me tonight,
With these feelings we can fight,
Just two people lost but made it found together,
And if we make it through,
Then tomorrow find the truth,
You know I would fall,
I would risk it all,
Just for you

Gotta find a way somehow,
Cause all we have is here and now,
It can wait until tomorrow
If the morning comes too soon,
We'll run away and chase the moon,
Like a dream well you must follow

If you go, I won't be in your way,
In my eyes, is all I have to say


I never realized that I waited just too long,
And now I recognize it was you all along


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