Motorbike to Heaven

I'm gonna drive my motorbike to heaven
I'm gonna slice a lemon in two
And when the charcoal's burning bright
We'll be there, in heaven
I'm gonna fly my motorbike to you

I don't know why
But I've got a good idea that we'll meet again some day
It makes me cry
There's a memory of you standing in the woods
And then they sigh
Cos they've got a good idea that my hair is full of ferns

I'm gonna shine my hair in blooms
Because my mind is full of you
I think I'm gonna dust my room
Cos there's a notice in my head
I'm gonna shine my bike instead
Cos that's what the notice said

Repeat 1st verse

I don't know why
But I've got a good idea that we'll meet again some day
It makes me cry
You're standing on a yacht and I don't know what to say
I dreamt last night
We were playing kiss and tell then I watched you fly away

Well there's a diamond in my car
And it's shining like a star
I feel I'm coming home to you
Cos there's a message in my soup
And it could be like yesterday
I wish you'd never gone away
Repeat 2nd and 3rd verses

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