Dead Man Walking

I don't remember my mama, dad sold crack all night
My life was fucked from the jumpstreet, now this kite I write
Never had half a fuckin chance, my whole trial I was broke
Circumstantial that's bullshit, my defense was a joke!

[You go in a motherfuckin courtroom,

with a fuckin public defender - the public
defender works with the fuckin D A!
Motherfuckers ain't got no chance, you
ain't got no money you're fucked, you're fucked!]

Now this cell is my residence, my address is The Row
24 hour lock down, when they'll kill me who knows?

Guilty - we the unfree!
Dead men walking
Guilty - we the unfree!
Dead men walking

I'm a genius from books now, Never read on the street
Never lifted a fuckin weight, now my boys concrete
Filed a hundred appeals or more, no response from the state
Get no phone calls or visits, My mentality's hate!

[When I was on the street I had motherfuckin boys, where's my bitch?

She won't even accept my fuckin phone calls! Yo, they better not let me
up out this motherfucka , you this shit's on, fuck that word!]

I get visits from doctors, analyzing the ill
Families pray for my death now, vengeance lays for the kill

[Does the defendant have any final words

he would like to say to the court?
Yeah, I got somethin I'd like to say
Yo, you, judge, you a racist motherfucker
I feel like bustin your motherfuckin no, let
me go I'm gonna kill everyone one of you
jurors If I ever get out of here, I'm comin one by one
and blow your motherfuckin brains out You motherfuckers!
No, keep your motherfuckin hands off! Fuck that!]

So I think 'bout my past now, my future holds only pain
Involuntarily drugged by the state for years, now I know I'm insane
When I'm moved shackled hands and feet, my skin's covered in ink
I read the bible 'bout twenty-five times, now fuck god's how I think!

[You can save all that religious bullshit,

stay the fuck out of my cell If that priest
comes in my cell, I'm a bust him in the -
I'll break your fuckin neck with my bare hands, fuck that]

So live your life to the fullest, but remember don't trip
One mistake you're my neighbor, and there's no one here rich!

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