Still Breathing

Tear me open at the seams
Take everything you need
Take my heart if you like the beat,
take my lungs if it's hard to breathe, to breathe

"I'm not cold," she said,
but she's shaking as she's lying next to me naked
Pulled the hair back from her face to let that smile heat this place
And this feels so far from real
I'm lost and I love it

I can't take it, if you're waiting
I am ready to tell the world about a girl
who showed me love again for the first time
And it's everything I dreamed of

Tell me what you thought about when you were breathing oh so loud,
screaming oh so loud
Tell me if this is real
I need to know before I get too close

So here we lie in this beautiful mess of tangled sheets and beads of sweat
With my heart in your hand and my neck in the other,
should I be scared or should I come closer?
But it's still beating and I'm still breathing
You haven't hurt me yet

Morning always comes too quick when you're around, when you're around
You leave me lying here so they don't find us out, they'll find us out
Tear me open at the seams, take everything you need
Take my heart if you like the beat,
take my lungs if it's hard to breathe

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