Heaven Help My Heart

ALBUM: Chess
by Bjorn and Benny (yes! from ABBA) and Tim Rice
SONG: Heaven help my Heart
If it were love I would give that love every second I had
and i do
did i know where he'd lead me to?
did i plan doing all of this for the love of a man?
well, i let it happen anyhow, and what i'm feeling now
has no easy explanation, reason plays no part
heaven help my heart
i love him too much,
suddenly my life my whole existence turning around a word a smile a
one of these days and it won't be long he'll know more about me than he
all my dreams will be understood,
no surprise, nothing more to learn from the look in my eyes
don't you know that time is not my friend, i'll fight it to the end
hoping to keep the best of moments when the passion starts, heaven help
my heart
the day that i find
suddenly i've run out of secrets suddenly i'm not always on his mind
maybe it's best to love a stranger, well that's what i've done, heaven
help my heart
heaven help my heart

jill t perkins

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