Gates of Paradise

"Where do I go from here?" I inquired
For I could not longer tell the way
This bane did leave me overtired
Got punctured by preposterous ricochet

A camouflage of lack of faith:
The order of the senseless strikes again!
Words were spoken, lies were told
My broken bones displayed in acid rain

Mission terminated while you wait
Her flowers burning in a blaze of rage
Another cardboard-box that stays unlaid
I've had enough; I quit
No, I won't give a damn no more!

As autumn leaves do fall
Anticipating rime to freeze my core
Walking in the footsteps of the night
lost like a voiceless troubadour

Behold the yearning of your heart
obtaining my love in a trice
Come dry your tears: Our lifes' about to start
at the gates of Paradise!

Paint the sky with stars and let us ride
Every raindrop floats my love to you
Soaking wet but feeling warm inside
The sunlight radiates on mountain dew

For a moment I perceive
A flying visit of days gone by
And looking back I can't believe
There had been times I wished I would die!

Evening sun sets the lake on fire
Dragonflies are hanging in the air
From afar the chanting of white friars
The altar of our love is everywhere!

Hold me in your arms tonight
Promise me you'll never let me go!
Take my hand, we're out of sight
Escaping from this world's seraglio

Behold the yearning of your heart
obtaining my love in a trice
Come dry your tears: Our life's about to start
at the gates of Paradise!

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