My Husband Was A Weatherman

My Husband Was A Weatherman
Transcribed by Chris Vagnini
Lead Vocals by Janie-Bo

My husband was a weatherman
He was right all the time
He knew when there'd be snow in Toledo
And freezing rain in Niagara Falls

My husband was a weatherman
A seventh sun of a seventh son
On a first name basis with that old groundhog
Yes he was he was the one

Oh he had a reputation
As the master of prognostication
But it wasn't just the weather that he'd know
Oh no

He'd let me know when we got up
Just how our day would go
This morning we'll have fun
And then in the afternoon
We'll have a little argument
But hey don't worry,
You'll win

I know when he'd tell me what would be
It was to save me from frustration
Darling lets eat out
Tonight you'll overcook that trout
I've phoned ahead for reservations"

My life no longer seemed my own
He knew more about me than me
He'd say Honey not tonight
You won't climax, oh no
And we'd only have a fight

I could not take it any more
I packed my bags and at the door
I said I didn't want to know
How every minute of my life would go
I'll miss you but I'm going away
Goodbye my love

He said hey
that's okay
you'll be back

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