Hear Me Out

[Verse 1 - Pusha T]
I be the first one to bust, first one you lust
Experiential flows, that make our souls touch
When it comes to heat, 40-cally chrome clutch
Out the burning at 'cha teal-blue and guild up
Sorry no introduction, I was speedin'
First name Terror, first half the Clipse that leave you bleeding
Got phony rap cats, be actin' obsurd
Fake hardcore, and really y'all lovebirds
My dogs flip bricks and live in the suburbs
While y'all on the block sweatin' what the 'necks heard
Sick over this, like I had you sippin' on piss
Type thing I do to fake Dons, thinkin' it's Cris
My relations, love hate, my family, love hate
How you hold heat sideways, expect to shoot straight
My crib ADT nightly, with steel gates
And the only thing that separates us, drug weight
[Chorus - Pusha T] (Pharrell)
How can hear me out yo, what I'm talking 'bout yo
You don't want to get in this game
The world's my monopoly, wit' your bitch on top of me
You don't want to get in this game
So roll your dice (chicka-chicka-ah)
Tell me what you got, is it your ice (chicka-chicka-ah)
Or is it your life, do what's right (chicka-chicka-ah)
'Cause you can't roll twice
Safety's stuck, give a fuck, negotiating wit' price
[Verse 2 - Malice]
Malice, from the Clipse, laser tap with steel tips
Hold like two rubber grips, with snug fit
You know the type, money your 'wice, money your life
Or either at the club sippin' on Henny and nice
Shit, we pretty nice, own it at any price
Got them hardcore, wannabe thugs callin' on Christ
Yo, I run wit' common, who be dippin' on they bonds
Man, bullets and slugs, all the above wit' times ten
It can be love, like hugs

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