Giving It All Away

now you see it, see it everywhere
all around the world they're giving it all away
so many faces slaving for someone
if you hate your job then you're giving it all away
and television feeds an empty mind
40 channels but what have we got?
Seeing adventures can be so unkind
when it seems like you never took your shot
and you were gonna write your own ticket
a&r man says he'll make us rick
promises of giving so much away
well promises are easy to find
like selling umbrellas on a rainy day
"but what's a value here or there my friend?
Values won't keep you warm in the end
independence is all very nice
but bed and breakfast always comes with a price"
and you were gonna write your own ticket
but those tickets aren't so easy to come by
see that man? He's working hard for it
hates it, lonely -- he's giving it all away
got a bright new car and he's staying late for it
cause if he don't they'll take it all away
see that girl? You'd do anything for her
she's all get no give, and still you stay
and you were gonna write your own ticket

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