I didn't come to rock i came to make you move take it to the floor and act a fool shake it shake
It shake it like a bobblehead shake it shake it shake it like a bobblehead

[verse 1 - lil Romeo]

Romes in the house and the partys pumpin im in the buildin and now the crowd is jumpin girl
Your lookin cute you came to dance im like Biggie baby give me one more chance work your body
Move your feet bounce it like a ball shake it to the beat go shawty it's your birthday like the
School bell ring on the first day move it like a fly girl anything you want you know i can buy
Girl hey now the party don't stop till i say when we did it once before will do it again you got
Ants in your pants and you need to dance bounce up and down like a rubber band oh it on,its
On,you partyin with romey wrong

[chorus x2]

[verse 2 - Lil D]

Up in here you know that my wrists blow, and if you came to party shawty we can take it to the
Floor your girl wanna leave i suggest you letter go she wanna dip it low or appear in my video
Makin moves like a roller coaster lean low and shake them shoulders, but first you gotta bounce
To this just turn around and sayin your boys can't handle this wow and your dude is silent
Chains are icey man even my dimonds got dimonds so you better stay in line and i was born to be
A solider got the heart of a lion we don't mess with no fakers them stupid i'll make you lose
Your sway like the lakers i got no time you fakers im on the ground gettin money dawg i said
Take her

[chorus x2]

[verse 3 - Lil Romeo]

Now im just chillin and the girls they partyinI'm tryin to see if they can move like
IndiansYOu know work it a lil bit like Millian dip it low a lil bitIm like 50 and young Buck I
Always roll with Banks so you know what's upIf you don't like me then your not wit me But most
Likely i got the tank with me Im on the go im a coast to coast kid Close to livin ledgen like
Mike and KobeIf you don't know me don't speak about me Shh,sh,sh,sh,sh don't talk about meGuess
Whos back romey rome, richy rich, and yes i got my own line of clothes and kicks flow to sick to
Hard to fix probebly gonna need some medical attention for it So head, shoulders,knees, toes,
Party over here take it to the floor, take it to the floor, take it to the floor, take it to the
Floor,take it to the floor

[chorus x2]

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