Tekst piosenki Rossomahaar: Praising The Departure Of Spiritual Strength

Praising The Departure Of Spiritual Strength

Welcome to my dearest gallery,
The exhibition of my doubts
Come inside and rejoice with my philosophy,
Enjoy my faded images of grief

Welcome to my sweet and scarlet world,
Where wretched conquerors cringe by my feet
Loathsome often are the human ways,
Since one never knows what awaits him
Behind that dark and twisted corner

Pariah for some - idol for the masses
What will be my human end,
Either worthless one, among the visionary ruins,
Or immortality, among the minds of men?

I keep on following my own way,
Fighting - and feasting upon their condemned souls
Yet one more resistance has been overcome, so to say
This is my path, this is my world, these are my fouls
( foul-fiends, the dearest ones)

Yet again you're welcomed in my lair
Yet again you're invited to meet earth's most wanted scum
Yet again you cross my path and lose your own
Yet again you give birth to indifferent perception

Praise the loss of strength, run away in fear
Is this what you've spent your life for?
Praise the lack of energy, humiliate and sear
Is this what you've dreamt those nights of?
Hail yourself, for you're the newborn anchorite
Is this what you think the life should be alike?

My gallery grows day by day,
Even though I never knew the difference
Between day and night, for I was born
Blind into this world

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