Another restless night here in middle class suburbia Everything's alright nothing ever happens 'round here No one ever fights, gunshots I've never heard one In a town painted so white, the cops are all you'll fear Respect is gone, you've lost our trust
'Cause we know what you're up to
Serving and protecting us
But who the hell's policing you?
With your cracker jack authority,
beating on minorities,
I want to know what makes you think that you've got the right
Haven't you anything better to do?
I pay my taxes too
I can't believe I'm paying you,
the system's fucking screwed
When you see me do you think that I'll just stand by
I won't fight back
Black leather boots, reflective shades
Silver bands upon your chest
Broad shouldered walk and stoic face
Who are you trying to impress?
The uniform don't bother me
It's your attitude I can't digest
Second grade school yard bully,
inferiority complex,
When you, see me, do you, see what,
I see, do you- see the reflection of a man,
a man that takes more than he gives
And he'll never understand that this is how we want to live
Exerting force because3 he can,
governing with an iron fist
But when your right sticks in my hands,
it's my ass that you'll kiss
It's your ass that I'll kick
Another Friday night,
the kids are all about to riot
Nothings ever quiet 'cause we're all fed up around here

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