Nocturnal mission - stage one - sit down - relax
Is this reality - is this the place called Metroplex
This has affinity with none I've seen before
It is intentional - I don't like to be bored
Bulk dump request sequence terminated now
Shut down the sentinel and you'll be getting through
Somehow - somewhere - security alert
The system's aware that I'm in - but too late
I have taken control of the master console
Checking up all of the human input devices

A beam of light went through my eyes
Through my mind
Read your genetic code

Incoming data - the victim has been found
Age 26 - catholic - convincing bank account
Data restriction of subconscious kind
Virtual bombers attacking the mind
Overtaking routine in progress
That while deleting is force to deliver the rest
Of my new personality code
I am transforming - incoming warning
His brain repulses - a smile on my face
As I'm unjacking Brad H to finally exit the game

A beam of light went through my eyes
Through my mind
Read your genetic code

To start the mind's destruction Corrode me
My eyes they have seen
What I could've been
A raven cries
When a vigilante dies

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