Until I Met You

Can a dance enhance
A couple's chance
To fall into a trance ?
Can a laugh beghin
The where within
To start a new romance ?
Can arms so strong
Be placed along
The place where we belong ?
Can a body melt ?
I'd never felt, I'd never known
Til I met you
Can the doubt that's creeping
While you're sleeping
Program it to lose ?
Can love or hate
That's risked your fate
Suffice to pay your dues ?
Can a tear increase
The fears release
In helping you to choose ?
Love had only seemed
A taunting dream
I'd never know
Til I met you
Some days are over
But some are right here
To wink you in the eye
A memory pleases
Before it teases
Out to make you cry
So in the long run
You'll be your one gun
It's do or die
And then I met you
Oh, why
Can a thought get caught
In what it oughtnt't
Dressing you in green ?
Can jealous monster
Come to haunt
Creating ya'll a scene ?
Can trust surpass
The many passes
No doubt come to pass ?
Can the good persist ?
I'd only wished but
Never known til I met you

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