As I Turned Away

[Marcus N Colon]

Raised to know God's word to trust and obey, never thought I'd come to this point of losing my way, but I need a change since life is treating me poor, can't say that I desire to call Jesus my Lord
An inviting friend smiles with evil in his eyes, he asks,
"do you know the path for the chosen and the wise?" he says,
"all who oppose us deserve to die!" then I turn away with a dare in my eye
I'll give myself a new lord, satanic doors opened to walk through, no turning back as I deny salvation, as my Bible burned I pledged faithfulness to Satan

[1st Solo Marcus, 2nd Solo Bob]

Descending in my wicked world, death is swallowing me alive
I share the madness of the Arab's words, the Bible of Lavey brings depression to my day
Plagued with fear demons call to me, the way to show commitment is suicide you see, visitations haunt me night after night, you can't get out, there's no hope in sight
But a voice still whispers
I am here with you, I know your name, I gave my life for you, hell has no claim, take me, save me, true Lord, thank you for forgiving me, you deserve all my love and praise, I'm free to know life eternally

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