The Usurper

[Chris Ackerman, Marcus N Colon]

Into drugs, at eleven years of age town of northport, Ricky's head all in a rage,
Deny authority, drugs worsen everyday, using pot to selling meth, stepped where demons play
Once in a bookshop, wired on "L", one book seemed alive, reaching on the shelf, saw his future,
Relaxing in his hands, Ricky's eyes widened, as he saw the title, satanic spells, book of the dead
Now was time, for first incantation, pentagram, cats skull, satanic reputation,
Hanging out at midway, possessed and full of hate, offered Christ, spit in His face,
Ricky sealed his fate out on the streets, and out on his town, here sits the acid king, upon his
Paper throne, a line was crossed, Gary stole some meth, "no one steals from the acid king!",
He muttered under his breath

[1st solo Bob, 2nd solo Marcus]

Aztakea woods, the acid kings holds court, he screamed blasphemies, as the knife met Gary's throat,
"Say you love Satan!", Ricky uttered for reply, "no, I love my mother!", Gary cried as he died
Bragging to his friends, on what he'd done, evil shows true colors, busted murder one
Satan is no future, usurper is dethroned, hanged himself in a prison cell, this Judas met his end!

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