Marty Gray

Big Jimmy Baker and Marty Gray met at a teenage party
Jimmy took Marty to school the next day both of them were tardy
Sittin' in the parking lot talking over things waitin' for the morning bell to ring
Two little love birds loose on wing Jimmy Baker and Marty
Kids in love now what can you do but listen to the cooing
Pretty little blonde haired Marty Gray does your mama know what you're doing
Bet your mama don't know what you're doing

Big Jimmy Baker's on the football team Marty's wearin' his sweater
Listen to them talking in the locker room man he's a real go getter
Telling Marty bout the facts of life says there'll never be another
Someday she's gonna be his wife he learned that line from his brother
Kids in love now what can you do

Down at the drive-in Friday night didn't come to see the movie
Parked in back and away from the light Jimmy says isn't this groovy
Under the seat a bottle in a bag made to affect the senses
Poured out a drink for Marty Gray broke down her defense
Kids in love now what can you do

Big Jimmy Baker and Marty Gray no longer goin' together
Fire of love burned out they say Marty's feelin' under the weather
Town turns out to have a big day the football hero's goin' away
But Marty's got the price to pay and Jimmy's gonna let her
Kids in love now what can you do
Bet your mama don't know what you're doing

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