Sounds Of Death

Behind the shuttered door a voice from below the earth
rumbled like the fiery pits of the underworld
And with such ferocious strenght it spoke, the entire world trembled
"Hearken to me my legions walk out into the light and
bring death and darkness with thee
March onwards my legions destroy everything in thy path
March onwards into battle
March to war"

The night opened it's eyes and gazed upon the gathered armies of men
Who greeted the coming horrors with a warrior's hail and swords prepared to kill
Endless was the stream of black that float from the heart of darkness
Greeting the men with a deafening shriek and weapons raised in malicious hate
Onwards onto the battlefield to welcome death and embrace the sufferings of war
With a thundering roar the armies clashed filling the day with the sound of death

Still the voice thundered over the sounds of the battle,
spreading it's poisonous words to the attacking legions, encouraging
their maiming, praising their killing and honouring the
slaughter they brought with them and pushed them further onwards:
"Hearken to me my legions walk further through the light
and bring death and darkness with thee
March onwards my legions bring pain and suffering on the way
March onwards into victory
March onwards into battle"

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