Letra da música de Brian Kirk And The Jirks: Blowing up the Lifeguard Stand

Blowing up the Lifeguard Stand

A year ago she was swimming
And don't ya know she was winning
But something went wrong at the buoy near the end
Spicoli and his board came and hit her in the head
Oh no
Can't you see
Don't let my little woman
become chicken of the sea
In it second she went down
In it minute she could drown
The guard upon the throne
didn't even make a sound
Didn't even take a second
to take it look around
Cause he
Was talking to she
In a tight little French bikini
Hey man give me a hand
I'm blowin up the lifeguard stand
Let the dummies lie dead like splinters in the sand
I'm blowing up the lifeguard stand
When I'm wrong, I admit it
But I'm strong and I won't quit it
The people are Pushing me out of their way
They know not the importance of
the things I have to say
To you
About the sea
And those stupid little pricks
and their conspiracy
Give me the mike and I'll say it
Then play wipeout or can you play it?
The bar needs to know about these tan little pricks
In their little red short and the sunblock oil their lips
The little whistle
Makes me sick
They just let the people drown while their checking out
the chicks

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