Why We Die

(feat DMX, Jay-Z)
Uhh, that's some shit
that that that niggaz ain't even seen before
That's that shit! (Motherfuckers ain't never seen
nothing like this before, for real man)
It's goin down baby, uhh
UHH! Busta Rhymes
WHAT?! Uhh, DMX nigga
Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh
I see ghosts clearly; even though, most don't hear me
They still wanna get near me - fear me, so I'm leary
Kinda eerie what I'm feelin - from the floor, to the ceilin
Straight through the roof, want the truth?
I kinda miss robbin and stealin
cause it kept a nigga hungry, only eatin when I starved
I was ugly, so I robbed, no one loved me, shit was hard
Went to God once in a while when it got a little too hectic
He was the only one I knew that I respected (WHY?)
Didn't know why, didn't know what I was livin was a lie
If I ain't shit then, why should I try
See, plenty niggaz die, over dumb shit, up in the hood
Real good heart, but up to no good
Thought I did what I could, but I guess it, wasn't enough
The Devil told me it would happen but I kept callin his bluff
When it rains it pours now, my pains are yours
as yours are what's mine, define, revolvin doors (nigga!)
[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
(Why?) All my niggaz tell me (why) tell me (we die)
Cause we crazy with it, quick to blaze you with it
From in my soul to every word that I curse
with all the agony expressed in this verse;
let me ask my niggaz (why?)
My niggaz tell me (why) tell me (we die)
Because we Gods nigga (and) we go the yard nigga
Because I walk the ground under my feet
and keep it live and stay in tune with the street
Now let me ask my niggaz (why?)

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