Letra da música de Choclair: Back Where I've Stayed

Back Where I've Stayed

You don't have to worry cause Im comin
I see your hammer, I see your car, We see you Mr Norm
Back to where I still have always stayed
I see your circle, I see your figures, I see your paranorm
You don't have to worry cause Im comin
East side, West side
Back to where I still have always stayed
East Coast, West Coast
*some shout outs*
You see, Im grown up now
I got new thoughts,
Not hawking pennies in tha shoe box,
I got bank accounts,
Things that I own,
A nice guy, but don't cross me for a push over,
Remember high school days,
When it was colder,
Rhyming at the bus stop to keep your hands warmer,
Hands warmer,
The days seemed a little longer,
Back when I had a father,
But why now bother?
I just grew stronger
Yeah, A little longer to a preformer,
I said I grew stronger, YO
Back to where I still have always stayed
I'll take you back into my teenage years
See, I did a little dirt,
Don't talk much about it,
But I was good at it,
The cops the never heard about it,
I had a few friend who broke up over ends,
Man it's funny how that shit stays a trend
But in the end, What?
I wish em all of the best,
And all the success,
No time to give myself stress,
My kitchen now only 1 chef,
Left virgin greenhouse new success,
So, don't stress, mess test us,
Just leave, train, car, plane, bus,
Circles still range victorias,
So when people try to bring me round drama,
I, dip and handle just a little of the scandle,
Then I bounce bahamas
Two first class seats me and hot mama,
Weeks then back to the greenhouse headquarters,
More albums on order,
More hard drives on order
You don't have to worry

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