Im a little coconut in a coconut tree,
swinging with my friends
in the tropical breeze hanging with my boys,
sometimes we dance the hula
One day while I was swinging in that coconut tree
Along came a wind and I fell into the sea
It was the ocean, I was surfing them swells
I knew I was drifting to the land of LA
Where the ripe young coconuts usually play,
But I landed on the beach, at this pink hotel,
and there were women, girls in bikinis
(itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka dot bikini)

Well I am just a coconut,
and I couldnt do much,
So I worked on my tan till it was time for lunch
Then along came this girl,
she had the smell of Pikake
She dusted me off, stuck me in her backpack
went up to her suite, in that little grass shack
Was this Hollywood, was I in the movies?
So I sat there impatient on the twenty-fifth floor
the tourists were cooking down on the sandy shore
but where were my fans,
where was my limo?
then I realized, this wasnt California
(Humu humu nuku nuku apuaa)

Im a little coconut, I was falling far,
I guess I wasnt going to be that rock and roll star,
Cause now Im coconut pudding
So when youre at the luau eating poki and poi,
will you remember this coconut boy?
You never know when Im might see ya,
Cause me and my sugar, were sweet Hau-pi-a
Sweet, Sweet,Sweet, Haupia

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