Leaches of Karma

What a dirty floor to die on if you go
so don't rest your life away
You could at least clean up the place
and make sure you get to know the exits,
you'll be leaving through one real soon
And what could I say,
not getting through to you like a thousand times before
I've been known to lose things
I'd like to lose you
but what would I do
so much for asking
don't break my heart
oh then why are your cheeks red
why has the door not seen the oust of you
look closer at my face you've seen this look in vain
oh then why are you holding back
go on and ask again
I rekindle the fires while you wreak havoc on the rest
just to say it's my mess and that I settle for less
less if what became I rekindle the fire
and you come behind with the water
so much for timing you're breaking my heart
when the right says no you just let go

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