A Night On The Town

A night on the town with you
We'll start with dinner here
It's tacos for two
A little candlelight
and a lot of cheer
I'll help you clean this mess up
Then we're out of here
Gee, you look swell
and I like your cologne
and it's such a nice night
I'm glad we're alone
How 'bout a movie,
A drink or a dance
My money's kinda low,
but I'm high on romance


And I knew you'd be the kind of girl
I'd love to spend my time with
From the minute that we met
I think we knew
That nothing could be better than
The time we spend together
And as long as it's forever,
there'll be plenty to do

Let's catch a subway
Get off at Times Square
We'll stop by Sardi's,
The stars all eat there
And if we see some
They'll see us too
and if we don't, let's just say we did
Who'll know it's not true?


Oh I'd love to take you dancing
At the Copa or Regine's
Or maybe spend an evening at the Ritz
But the work's been kinda lousy
And I don't have a tie
So let's just keep romancin'
While the night flies by

What do you say now
Shall we head on back
Or just keep strollin
And stop for a snack
We can dunk some donuts
Or catch the late show
'Cause it's our night on the town
Gee, how quickly it goes


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