Letra da música de DJ Kay Slay: Angels Around Me (feat 50 Cent & G-Unit)

Angels Around Me (feat 50 Cent & G-Unit)

[50 Cent] G-UNIT! Haha haha
[Chorus 2X: 50 Cent]
If, some shots should happen to go off tonight
Don't worry about me, I'll be aight
Niggaz can waste ten while firin at me
Cause I'm God's child, there's angels around me
[Young Buck]
Life's a bitch and then you die, this couldn't be worse
I either don't eat this week, or snatch this purse
Clip hangin out the side of my Karl Kani
My eyes bloodshot red, I'm high but LET'S RIDE!
I ain't scared, if I die it was meant to be
He might send for you, before he send for me
Gun-butt you with the back of the baretta
The three-fifty-seven or, the black mac-11
We drive bulletproof Coupes nigga, go on take your shot
We used to shoot hoops nigga, now we shoot up blocks
Got them shells with them green tips just for y'all
You can run but they comin through them country walls
Bang dropped me off and show me where he live at
Think he tough? I'ma put six in his six-pack
When you hear that click-clack bitch better get back quick
One to the chest make niggaz do backflips
[Lloyd Banks]
You don't think I know you niggaz want me to get murked
Get lowered in the dirt in all black with a button-downed shirt
Cold with two to the dome - the little niggaz
don't get to see Disneyland, they'll settle for a funeral home
You don't need hoes to know that the lead's hot
I'm prepared for anything tonight as long as it's not a headshot
The bigger the rim, the bigger the tire
Hollow tips'll make him feel like a nigga on fire
Everybody gotta go, it's the truth
So I figure while I'm waitin on my turn I'ma blow up the booth
I seen niggaz in wheelchairs, eye patches and crutches

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