Letra da música de Fall Of The Leafe: Flamenco Scheme

Flamenco Scheme

Artificiality is what we rejoice here today
The spirit of the earth
There are no characters in this novel
This novel has NO plot
It is no novel in the first place, really
They say that it tells a story about a tiny lagoon, which is lit by the moon
Then, in jealousy, she steals the face of the moon
Well all this is all a legend from Mexico
Ignore it if you can
So sit here beside me and join this ride
This fine Italian vehicle should take us to places, if you just turn the key here before this strange fog will be pushed away

Don't look at the clock for a while
This is how everyone should evacuate every once in a while
You know, I think I am pushing ahead of me a little wheelbarrow
It is filled with something heavier than lead, something worse than coffee that has been roasting on the perculator for a day
But don't worry about that now
Take a look at this luxurious city
It has chosen luxury
It has chosen plastic
We are on page 64 and the situation seems highly alarming

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