Letra da música de Fall Of The Leafe: Security Locks Are Good

Security Locks Are Good

After this punishment, are we all certain that speech is for the good?
Just listen up while this thin, thin silence brings down our spirits with a smiling grin
Are we all certain that the mood is set low enough now?
Do not speak--hush, when it seems not all song and dance

Right now, not that many things make a difference
Cats, dogs, children and their toys, nothing

Are we really lucky to just stand by here and watch?
Would we actually make noise if we were warm?
I can hardly believe so
All the bollocks flow down on us like wet snow

I have said it before and I will say it again
We could stand up and shout
But only when their backs are turned at us
We could speak our minds
But only when the tape is not rolling

Idiot question, but are we all certain that our lives are safe enough in the arms of these saviors?
We have seen the cat gold at the end of this rainbow
No walls are thick enough, except theirs, of course
Open a door, walk the streets and cherish the dynamics of the Exclusion City

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