Letra da música de Fall Of The Leafe: Signatures, Baby Bomb

Signatures, Baby Bomb

Sign here, please
Thank you
Now it is all over with and you may leave
You may rest
Things are taken care of for you
It is needless to search for truth, because you may have it in this brown envelope
Take the door on your left hand side and slide down
You may then paint holes in whatever you like

The birds that she had thought about earlier
They were perfect
This moment passed quickly though, and the birds seemed ridiculous again
Then walked forward again
For a moment, she was thinking about the various ways pigeons could be fooled
Fooled, because they are such imbeciles in her opinion
Complete strangers, she could do anything
Aliens, if you will
Not of the same world, but they too had met before (like the persons a while back)
Painted a hole or two, then sat down
Looked at the envelope
Made a call
Wrong number
How awkward

Complete strangers yeah, they might as well be cooked in coconut oil
She smiled like an idiot and picked up the envelope
Inside, her fear was given a name

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