Letra da música de Fame Soundtrack: Teachers Arguement

Teachers Arguement

Artists are special celestial fools
Blessed with a talent for breaking the rules
Unfit for confinement in cubical schools
Artists are special

Artists are people, not primitive fools
They learn what to do before breaking the rules
They know that the brain is the finest of tools
Artists are people

Whether in theatre or music
or dance
They have to be given the chance

To fly by the seat of their pants!

To develop their minds!

to be nurtured like plants

Artists are part of the same human race
As everyone else in this same bloody place
you learn to survive or you fall on your face
Artist or not! Artist or not!

I've seen them come and go for all these years
Kids with no talent for anything more
Than carrying spears
Another year, another shipment
Lacking the drive, or the style, or the basic equipment
This one is different!

And I can see me, thenunremarkable me
The kid in the ballet class, the princess I wanted to be
Tutu and point shoes, hair in a bun,
Completely unnoticed, as if I were no one
This one is different, I tell you,
This one can dance,
This one is special, I tell you
Give him a chance

What did they tell me when I was a girl
Day after day when I ws a girl

The land of dreams waits over the meadow,
If you can find your way out of the ghetto
Learn! Learn!

Put your faith in books
That will protect you
Put your faith in books
And a mind of your own
Neither charm nor looks
Will make them respect you
you must learn to stand, you must learn to stand alone!

Picture a little girl in glasses and braids
A little starched dress, at the end of the corridoor
She's holding to the wall, waiting for the bell to ring
Praying for the day to end
Forcing herself to go back to her class again
Hearing her mama's words "put your faith in books"
This one is different
Put your faith in books!
This one can dance
Put your faith in books

Artists are special
Artists are people

This one must have a chance
This one must have a chance

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