Letra da música de G. Dep: Keep It Gangsta (Feat Shyne)

Keep It Gangsta (Feat Shyne)

(feat Shyne)

[G Dep]
I got enough flows to spit, they cold as shit
Give you what you supposed to get, to close ya lip
I got enough O's to get, and hoes to hit
Try to stick ya nose in shit, get froze and stiff
Talk about load ya clip, and O's you flip
When you ain't holdin shit but droze and dick
Roll the spliff, take the toke
You either gittin cake or broke
You can stay awake or (??)
Take a note, take a vote
Buy a landslide or tell ya man slide or I shake ya boat
Take ya toast, this rap shit I make the oath
To get cake, or estates by the lake or boat
Bad hoes, (??)
See the snake, (??) leave faith then they hate to go
Yo, it's to late to blow
Ya run around pay for hoes, that's why ya paper low
[Shyne - Hook]
We them niggas with big guns and big dicks
Fload ya block, and keep it gangsta
We them niggas with big guns and big dicks
Coat Them rocks, and keep it gangsta
We them niggas with big guns and big dicks
Drop the top, and keep it gangsta
We them niggas with big guns and big dicks
Wylin, stylin, and keep it gangsta
Shyne Po, I keep it (??) like im supposed too
In a hard top something fronten
I must of (??) died, came back as a rapper
Scareface, smith and eights, in my life after
Bone crushers on my hip, cause shit get thick
In the myths, of killas tryin to get rich
Im two shells from hell, u can tell im made for this life
District (??)
I don't give a fuck, cuase im'a do me
Till them hollow points, rip through me
I was born to die, live for what
Plush slut, bucks, guns and ?duffs?
Spent late nights in the kitchen, wishen
Watchin the pot boil, mixin, sniffin
Keepin America high, and why wouldn't I-acapo

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