Letra da música de Hothouse Flowers: Christchurch Bells

Christchurch Bells

It's been a long day coming
Seems like it'll go on
Your window is open to the night and
Your coffee's still warm
You're feeling good now -- looking well,
Being soothed by the sound of Christchurch Bells
As the hours turn -- you can hear them -- they'll be ringing time

John he lives in this town
Repairs old watches and clocks
They don't give him much time no he doesn't know
What's gone wrong
But he keeps on moving on this lonely road from Hell
Asking for forgiveness under Christchurch Bells
Sunsets over the city -- clouds are rising
And you can see clear up to the night time sky
So if you're feeling precious -- you want to do well
Think of others ask for a prayer underneath
Christchurch Bells

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