Letra da música de Kevin Devine: It's Only Your Life

It's Only Your Life

You wrestle yourself to the ground
You springboard and kick yourself in the mouth
Cause all of that drama, that embarrassed charade
Couldn't stop you or settle you down

So you got back with your black hole
And you don't care who's out there or who knows
Cause you're spent and you're sad
Cause you've bronzed it, it's your badge
And you've fixed it to all your clothes

Every t-shirt and overcoat
So it's with you through hot or cold
But I would tear it from the cloth
Yeah, I would tear it from the cloth
Grow up and knock it off

Cause there's a world awake outside
With injustice and music and july, july
With history's arc,
With your family,
With art
But it don't mean nothing
Not to you, not tonight

You can't see past the length of your nose
The biggest problems, well you're sure they're your own
That girl you cut loose
Those two friends that cursed you
And all that powder that you can't leave alone

And you say, you know, you know, you know
But I know that you don't, you don't, you don't
Cause if you did, you'd really try
If you did, you'd really try to let all that die

So marry yourself to your work
And crowd your confusion with words
Then round out your life with some records you like
While you bury your love in the dirt

Cause it's endless, the ditch you can dig
You're stubborn, and you're prideful, and you're all over it
So I suggest you make sense of the time you've got left
So you don't end up back where you've been

And you say you won't, you won't, you won't
And I hope that you don't, you don't, you don't
But if you mean it, then stand up and fight
But if you mean it, then stand up and fight
Cause I mean, it's only your life

I mean it's only your life
To fix or ruin
To figure what to do with
It's only your life
To fix or ruin
Cause no one else is going to do it
Cause it's only your life

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