My Ding A Ling

i met a gyrl named stacy at a party
gave her the eye she started actin naughty
talkin bout all the things she would do to me
the way she was talkin it was filthy
rubbin up and down my shoulder
whisperin in my ear beggin me to hold her
the she was rubbin was surprisin
in the middle of my pants sumthin started risin
i got her alone jus the two of us
go up in her yeah i must
she said to get me on i gotta special spot
i rubbed her there and the gyrl got hot
out of her clothes in less then a minute
when she lay on tha bed then i went up in it
as i rolled up i heard her sing oooh i love yo ding a ling

like my ding a ling (repeat 4x)

i was ridin down tha street when i met yolanda
is she freakin hmmm i wonda
body was sexy butt was juicy
it really turned me on when she showed it to me
kiss me on my face she like my bass
then we rolled off to her place
her cousin was there but i didn't care
she said i don't want no boys in here
she got up grabbed me by my clothes
she said if u do one u gotta do us both
ok i agreed bitch was in need
was she fine oh yes indeed
quiclkly i took off my clothes
i worked her ova until i froze
when i worked her cousin i heard her sing
oooh i love yo ding a ling

like my ding a ling (repeat 4x)

i gotta job at the market boss was a female
big round butt name was seneal
after work on a friday night
she came in tha store said u feelin alright
i said yeah y u ask she said i gotta task
pulled up her skirt and showed me her ass
i was tired so i refused
she said a body like mine need to be used
ur young, dumb full of cum
besides im hot u might as well get some
she grabbed me and pulled down my pants
her eyes got big from the very first glance
of wut u don't know no u don't either
the very first glance of my big penis
she said my young friend lets begin
thats the very moment i drove it in
as o wroked her i heard her sing
oooh i love yo ding a ling

like my ding a ling (repeat 4x)

i gotta friend name sam girl named tam
he said about her he don't give a damn
i knew he was wrong cuze he sound so dum
so i said to myself imma get me some
u might think its wrong but i don't
i can have any old freak i want
i whispered in her ear she said alright
i'll met u at yo crib later on tonite
it was ten o clock and i was feelin lonely
went to the kitchen i was hungry
throwed two eggs in tha black built blenda
heard a knock knock knock at the back room winda
went to the winda wit expession of a teen
saw the redbone in a black bikini
opened up the winda grabbed her by her side
said wut bout sam she said he don't mind
i got her in the room she said don't start it
then she start suckin my wutchamahcallit
sam rolled in lookin real mean
he saw his gyrl on my ding a ling

chorus til fade out

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