Текст песни 2 Live Crew: Dirty Nursery Rhymes

Dirty Nursery Rhymes

(You ain't got no shit for me fool!)

My momma and your momma was talking a little shit
My momma called your momma a bull dyke ass bitch

I know your sista
and da bitch ain't shit
Shes laid me and all da boys
and even sucked our dick

Jack and Jill went up da hill to have a little fun
Jack got mad and kicked Jill in the ass
Cause she couldn't make him cum

Momma Bear and Poppa Bear with four walked through da forrest
Momma Bear asked Poppa Bear could he could eat her porridge
Poppa Bear said "Shit Bitch, You must think I'm Sick
Just get down here on your knees and suck this bear ass dick"

Abraham Lincoln was a good ol' man
He hopped out the window with his dick in his hand
Said "excuse me ladies, I'm doin my duty so pull down your pants and give me some booty"

Dares an ol' lady who lives in a shoe
Got a house full of kids and don't know what to do
She sucked and fucked all the niggas around
When it's time to pay rent could none be found

Little Miss Muffit sat on da tuffit
with her legs gapped open wide
Up came a spider
Looked up inside her and said "That pussy's wide!"

Little Jack Horner sat in in da corner
Fuckin dis cutie pie
Stuck in his thumb and made da bitch cum
And said "Hellova nigga am I!"

Humpty Dumpty fell of da wall cause a boiled egg was suckin his balls
All da kings horses and all da kings men
Couldn't put that fat muthafucker back together again

Yo Ed wait I got one Hey dig dis I got one
check dis out

Da two dudes dig dis da two dudes two dudes dressed like nuns right

Little Red Riding Hood was on her way to your mother's house
But before she got there
she met this man that took her hot ass out

Her buds are a ? down your ear
Da dogs on my ass and their gettin there
Her hair came loose
and fell on her leg
Bitch check your weave dats in dat leg (?)

Bitch get dat weave out


Bitch get dat weave out

(Mix it)

Bitch get dat weave out

Hey you ruined my record! I just bought it!

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