Текст песни 3 Minute Hero: Landlord


silverfish are swimming in and out of my walls
my heat is out -- you don't return my calls
the snow is drifted up -- i can't get my mail
my faith in mankind is beginning to fail
kind of like my washer and my dryer
the latter of which sets my clothes on fire
evil, evil man -- i'm under your spell
but everybody knows you're the landlord from hell
i can't believe the things that you're doing to me
i can't believe the rotten things you've done to me
my windows don't close and my sinks don't drain
on a sunny day my roof can't keep out the rain
find a buyer and i'm ready to sell
but i'll be sure to tell the suckers you're a landlord from hell
the floor is buckled, the furnace belches smoke
when i turn on the faucet i'm sure to get soaked
the outlets aren't grounded, i always get a shock
upwards around fourteen hundred kilowatts
i pay my bills and nothing gets done
you're a sadomasochist who thinks it's fun
you're an evil man, you ain't norman fell
that's why landlord i'll see you in hell

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