(Baby Gimme) What You Got

Hit the block around 20 to 9,
checking my girl but then i see this girl looking fine so i,
asked if she would'nt mind,
could u tell me your name and watcha doing 2night,
body like nothin I seen,
she telling me she on the cover of gq magazine,
telling me she had 2 go,
so i dropped her in my spot in my 4 by 4,

Pre chorus

So I told her,
I cant be late,
girls taking up my time had 2 hit her with the line
So i told her
i cant wait 2 freak c u at the same time next week

Baby gimmie what u got
cause im everything that shes not
love is all i bring
with my khaki suit and ting
so honey leave ya girl at home
with yer car keys, mobile fone
love is all i got
all the things that make u hot

Got my woman crazy on the fone
she talking bout why the f!"K** my ass aint at home
had 2 tell her i was stuck
in some brand new buisness i was all tied up
told the girl i was late, i had 2 run
i had 2 b backstage at a quarter past 9
telling me 2 change my mind
shes like britney spears baby hit me 1 more time

pre chorus


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