Текст песни Blood For Blood: Eulogy For A Dream

Eulogy For A Dream

What can we do?
What can you do?
In a world where no one cares at all
Nobody cares at all
Take a look around you, do you like what you see?
What can we do?
The world has gone completely mad, society's diseased
What can we do?
The violence and the hate I've seen, it makes me want to puke
What can I do?
I can turn my back on this place "?cause nobody sees the truth!
I spent so many years wondering why
What can I do?
I spent so many years with tears in my eyes
What could I do?
While the rich just get richer, my family cried
In this society of lies and nobody cares at all!
I turn my back!
Nobody cares at all!
I walk away!
Nobody cares at all!
I won't listen to a word that they say, I spit on their way,
"?cause nobody cares and they'll never hear the cries and the prayers
while my kind's locked down by their lies!
They lie
There's gotta be something me and you can do,
"?cause brother I gotta tell ya' shit's lookin bad for me and you
Goodbye America, we've dragged you straight to hell
Your people have gone completely insane
and we've dragged you straight to hell

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